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You're Busy. We're Here to Help.

It’s our reality that children often end up stuck behind a device for hours with “junk food” activities, such as playing games or watching endless videos—missing vital opportunities to engage with others and be stimulated in healthier ways.

Virtual Childcare

Screen Sitters connects families with providers who entertain kids ages 5-12 via 1:1 live video chat.

You tell us what your child is interested in during session booking, and our sitter will plan custom experiences, ensuring your child is captivated and at ease.

Child on Tablet

Sample Activities

  • Learning new songs

  • Playing a variety of games

  • Speaking a new language

  • Drawing or painting

  • Craft-making

  • Fitness activities, e.g. yoga

  • Building and construction

  • Virtual tours of global museums and other attractions

  • Reading and storytelling

What Can Screen Sitters Do For Your Family?

For Your Kids

Discover people and activities 

For You

Get 60 minutes of your day back


Really do the “work” part in “work from home” 


Relax and recharge


Focus on other tasks or family members with less stress


Forge new connections that are so important for child development

Engage with an adult fully focused on your child and their specific interests

Learn new games, crafts, songs, or even a few words in a different language  


Please check out our Screen Sitters Best Practices to ensure your child’s session is as successful as possible.

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