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Hi dear parents, I am so glad to be here! :)

My name is Tatjana Glogovac and I am an English online teacher, certified children's animator, circus trainer, educator, and yoga and meditation instructor! Can you see all the ways in which I can be good for your child? :) <3 :)

I have been teaching English online to Chinese kids age 4-18 for the last 2 years. Now here's what's so funny about my job, and I really mean funny: I have up to 50 kids online in 1 class! And sometimes they are teenagers. So, I get to be good at finding ways to entertain 50 teenage kids online!

Since I mostly teach beginner levels, my English group classes online are mostly about entertaining kids and keeping them physically active. Furthermore, I enjoy guiding games that develop their motor-coordinative skills, spatial coordination, team work and creativity. So, it's not your typical online class where kids sit against a screen for an hour. Get ready for your kid to be physically active!

Now of course, nothing should be forced upon your little ones, so we only do those activities that they actually enjoy and have fun with.

Activities I can offer:

-playing games

-developing emotional intelligence through painting, drawing and coloring

-creative dance

-teaching circus skills (juggling, or for example pois are good for kids 5+ because they have a fast learning curve)

-yoga for kids

-meditation and breathing

-teaching English for ESL learners,

-teaching writing and speaking in English for native speakers

-or playing fun quizzes! I have lots of cool props (trumpet, toy ice cream, toy poo, etc.) that I use in my regular online teaching that are fun and joyful and bring colors to my classes.

Speaking of colors, here's my online background. Are you getting a hint now at what I am talking about? :D

And this is me:

And in the videos below you can see me entertaining Chinese 5-6 year old kids online! :)

My online classes are fun, energetic, sometimes a bit silly, but generally joyful. When it comes to my teaching style, I am happy, energetic yet relaxed, approachable and kind. As a humanist and an empath, I am highly sensitive to the needs of the little ones. Also, being highly in tune with my inner child enables me to connect easily even with the shyest of children. I am a clown, a juggler and I dabble in a bit of mime and lots of dancing, all things which add super nicely to online babysitting!

I am experienced both working 1-1 and with groups of kids online. Both have their advantages; with 1-1 sessions, I get to focus more on developing children's self-esteem. I prefer group sessions, because they are more fun and active and I can hold the kids' attention for much much longer. So, the more, the merrier!

My other qualifications:

- 3 university degrees in teaching – a BA and MA in English Language and Literature Teaching and another MA in Humanistic Sciences in Philology (English Teaching Methodology Department).

- certified teacher of yoga and meditation (Association for Yoga and Meditation, Rishikesh, India, 2018)

- 1-year internship as a circus trainer for children at social youth circus Cabuwazi in Berlin (2017). There I learned different circus skills and games and the circus pedagogy of working with children. I taught poi, juggling, acrobatics, and creative dance to children age 4-18, though my specialty were kids age 4-7 :) I also prepared children circus shows, sometimes as the main trainer for poi.

- certified children's animator (2020)

For more about me and my experience:

I work in a quiet environment and have all the necessary technical equipment and stable high speed Internet connection. If you'd like to see my references and my documents, feel free to ask for them! :)

I charge 25USD/hr.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Stay safe,


Children's Online Animator and Teacher - Tatjana
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