Sooo much homework! Where to start?

Getting through homework with less pain

The gap in what kids are taught

Among the wide variety of subjects taught in schools today, important life skills that students could benefit from now, (and that they will one day need as adults), are often left out of academic curriculums. As kids move up in grade level, their school assignments, projects, and responsibilities progressively increase; it can be a challenge for students to keep up with all of their assignments, especially when coupled with everything else that growing up throws at them.

A personal skill that matters as much as academics

With lack of formal instruction around how to manage and organize projects (let’s be clear—homework can be complex and overwhelming!), kids are often left to figure things out on their own. This is the exact challenge Homework Helpers seeks to tackle and solve. The program aims to help students organize their assignments, upcoming deadlines, and other school-related responsibilities to help better manage their time and develop strategic project management skills that will help them complete current school work. And—perhaps even more importantly—serve them throughout their academic and even professional careers.

And also, families need help

Given the current state of the world and the shift to virtual learning for many students, it has become more difficult for teachers to engage with their students. In turn, children are unable to engage with their teachers and peers in the same way that they were used to before the pandemic. In a June 2020 article from The New York Times, findings show students falling behind with remote learning. “A [...] majority of [...] students have not consistently engaged with remote assignments. They are not receiving traditional grades, and some have parents who are working outside the home or who are not tech-savvy, and are unable to assist with online schooling.” With less in-person time with teachers, students need help adjusting to the new reality of education. They require tools to teach them how to be responsible for their assignments and their own learning.

Homework Helpers vs. tutoring

The value that Homework Helpers provides is distinct from that of traditional tutoring. Tutoring is helpful, of course, but without the proper structure in place for organizing and managing assignments, it can be tough for students (and parents) to recognize what they truly need help with or how to properly focus on it productively. Homework Helpers creates a foundation upon which students can build stability in their learning and plan their responsibilities with confidence. The Homework Helpers tracker provides a single place for students to organize and keep track of all their assignments, deadlines, and responsibilities. Both students and their guardians may also use it to monitor their student’s progress and watch their hard work pay off.

Through the pandemic and beyond

Although not a tutoring service, Homework Helpers employs providers that are conversant in modern educational tools. Many of the providers are teachers and counselors with relevant credentials, offering kids the productivity tips for honing organizational skills and self confidence. Without a solid foundation and overall picture for managing their school assignments and responsibilities, students cannot even begin to focus on specific areas that they need tailored assistance with. Using the Homework Helpers tracker, students are able to understand their projects, organize their work, and stay on top of their assignments in order to bolster the overall quality of their education, learning how to approach and successfully manage a complex, multi-part task. And let’s agree—those are skills even some adults can benefit from.

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