Screen Sitters FAQ

Do I have to be home / in the same room as my child during the screen sitting time?


Yes, you have to be home. No, you don’t have to be in the same room. Screen Stars sessions are meant to occupy and engage your kids so that you’re able to focus on something else (work, exercise, read, watch TV--we don’t judge). However, we do suggest a parent joining the first Screen Stars appointment for about 10 minutes as a transition.

What ages does Screen Sitters work best for?


Currently, we offer care for children ages 5-12. We have found that generally, kids under 5 don’t have the attention span to stay engaged via video chat. If you think yours might, feel free to try a session!

How can I make my child’s screen session experience as great as possible?


So glad you asked! The more we know about your child, the better! During booking, you’ll be asked to share what your child is into, and any suggested games they may want to play. The more specific information we have, the better your Screen Stars provider can make the experience. You can also check out our Screen Sitters Best Practices for Parents.


Can you help my child with school work?

Screen Sitters is first and foremost here to entertain your child and free up time for parents.  Please check out Homework Helpers, which helps children 10-18 years old stay on top of their schoolwork. While not a tutoring service, Homework Helpers is more like "project management for homework." 

How much does it cost?

Core Screen Sitters sessions are $17 for 30 minutes and $25 for 60 minutes. Some special offerings have unique pricing.

Do you offer multi-hour packs or subscriptions?

We offer bulk packages for employers to provide as a benefit to their teams. Although we don’t offer multi-hour packs directly to individual families, there is no limit on how many sessions you can book. If you need back-to-back sessions and your chosen provider can accommodate that schedule-wise, you can book it. Some factors to keep in mind are your child’s age and temperament, and whether they will be able to stay engaged virtually for longer stretches of time. 

How can I find out how my Screen Sitters session went?

Feel free to email us at

Where is Screen Stars available?

We currently serve all time zones in the U.S. and Canada and are further expanding internationally.